What’s the Future of the Cannabis Industry at the End of the Pandemic?

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To say that the early twenty-twenties have been a completely unprecedented, problematic, and unpredictable time for today’s businesses during a global pandemic is an understatement at best. Now that we’re heading towards the “endemic” stage after the spread of the coronavirus, it seems things are starting to return to normal, or the “new normal” as it’s being called. 

So what does all of this mean to the rapidly growing cannabis industry? How will this affect cannabis distribution, marketing, sales, and more? What about current politics regarding this product, upcoming legislation, and everything else with the future of this global industry? And finally, what do recent headlines have to say about this topic? Let’s look at what some top sources have revealed recently. 

Do Current Stats Support Post-Epidemic Facts?

Here’s where it gets a little sketchy but still very optimistic for the rise of this growing industry. Recent statistics from trusted sources are still pointing to a promising future for cannabis despite the aftermath of a global pandemic. For example, this industry was one of the fastest-growing businesses in 2021 and efforts are being made on a global level to legalize this substance for both medical and recreational use. 

What About Newsworthy and Newer Notable Marijuana Moments?

Check out the Marijuana Moment website and their signature newsletter that regularly delivers eye-opening important insights, breaking news stories about what’s going on politically with cannabis legislation, and so much more. Recently the MM reported President Biden is launching restrictions inside the budget going forward. It makes us wonder why? Seriously, isn’t it about time that the Feds just taxed the living daylights out of this product (similar to nicotine and gasoline) and move on?

Are Governments Going Forward With More Cannabis-Friendly Legislation?

Speaking of the Federal government, are they really on board with these rising trends toward more progress on this issue? Well, yes and no. Sadly, the Biden Presidential administration has put more cannabis restrictions in planning for the 2022 budget. While this may seem like bad news at first glance it’s not necessarily all negative and it little bit more complicated.

However, it is politics after all. For example, while the Feds are still pushing against legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in the Washington D.C. region, there’s still other brighter news available on this forefront when you consider these recent Tweets:

  • “Marijuana doesn’t kill you. Heroin and meth do, and until you deal with the truth, the kids won’t believe you at all! Absurd to criminalize marijuana like other drugs! – Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN)
  • “The House is expected to take up a vote on the MORE Act – a bill to legalize marijuana on the federal level. Commonsense regulation of cannabis products is vital to having a fair legal system and keeping legitimate businesses out of legal limbo.” – Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN)
  • “Marijuana should be legal across the United States. When I’m elected to Congress, I will propose legislation to legalize cannabis and expunge all non-violent marijuana arrests from the records. Our current state-by-state model is unworkable and leads to prison for far too many.” – Missouri Democratic congressional candidate Henry Martin

In addition, the United States Court of Appeals for the eleventh circuit recently ruled the Board of Immigration Appeals was wrong when it attempted to find that a past marijuana possession conviction made a man ineligible for a form of deportation protection. This helps point to the fact that the political agenda is on the horizon for a better future following a depressive global pandemic. 

Will Today's Technology Lead to Higher Profit Margins For This Industry?

Thankfully the answer to this question is a resounding yes! Considering today’s many high-tech capabilities, there’s software available to streamline many processes for businesses from qualified professionals in the industry.  These platforms will not only save time and money but also leads to higher profits since time is money after all. If you still have questions about any or all of this, please reach out to our team for assistance. We’re here to help and have the answers to all of your queries about cannabis. 

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