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Being responsible for the high-quality product line of a large medical cannabis retailer puts a heavy burden on medical cannabis manufacturers. The company relies on its manufacturing operators to consistently meet its responsibilities before any products can even hit store shelves. As competition is increasing, a sharp demand has risen for the innovations necessary to automatically compile and synthesize production data, so that every step in the supply chain can be honed to a more competitive edge.

As manufacturing operations collect a huge abundance of data, the question becomes how to meaningfully synthesize it and contextually apply it to better meet the needs of employees at every point in the manufacturing process. With eagle-eye vision over the entire supply chain, manufacturers can continually tighten the production and quality-control methods that everyone else—from grower to consumer—depends on.

High-Efficiency Supply Chains

Because the cannabis industry is continuing its booming growth (even internationally), the will of investors to ensure that their manufacturers have state-of-the-art technologies has never been greater. Many different industries are converging to make that happen.

Consider the principles of applying data analytics to the entire manufacturing process:

Having all supply chain information visible and navigable from a screen makes it possible to almost perfectly tighten quality controls at every point in the lengthy process. Accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness would absolutely skyrocket—and so would profits. To achieve this, manufacturers are seeking software sophisticated enough to know which employees require which data and when.

For creating such a software suite, the developer needs intricate knowledge of the workflow specific to the manufacturer, all its relevant data points, and a way to collect that data in an automated way. Doing so necessitates a lasting relationship of trust between manufacturers and software developers, especially considering the mutual exchange of trade secrets and product-control legalities involved.

Programmed for Growth

As a multi-industry-leading software solutions company, MaxQ Technologies developers—along with Acumatica—have brought these capabilities to the medical cannabis industry. The cannabis management software by MaxQ Cannabis equips some of the industry’s largest cannabis suppliers and testing labs with a suite of new manufacturing and processing capabilities:

  • Extraction methods are refined and streamlined for higher potency and greater production efficiency
  • Resource allocation is improved by using predictive models
  • Lab-testing data and protocols are honed to improve product quality while reducing legal liability
  • Production of Certificates of Authenticity and Quality Assurance labels synchronizes with lab-test results
  • Traceability measures and product-loss prevention are vastly improved (especially when used in conjunction with track-and-trace and tamper-detection technologies)
  • The entire production line can cohesively and rapidly shift to accommodate changing priorities by distributors and retailers

Pushing Limits on Automation

Manufacturers have applied these new software capabilities to a broad range of solutions outside of the physical assembly line. As the physical processes are managed more reliably, accurately, and easily, expert application of operations data can also be applied to less immediate, but still necessary, tasks. For the ultimate in hands-free workflow, consider the collateral benefits:

  • Automatic generation of accounting and other financial reports
  • Accurate models of growth to guide future investment decisions
  • Retailer data can be interpreted to better guide manufacturers’ next areas of focus
  • Traceability can help manufacturers report strain qualities back to their growers, who need this data to standardize and refine cultivation methods
  • Security measures can be more efficiently applied and customized to each facility and network

With tighter operational control, every nuance of the business can be addressed, creating an extremely fine-oiled cannabis-manufacturing machine. As the market becomes increasingly competitive, the right software is already helping medical cannabis suppliers meet and exceed industry challenges while adjusting to changing supply and demand dynamics.

Helping Grow Industries

Specializing in full-suite software solutions for over 30 years, the software developers at MaxQ Technologies have applied their expertise to solving the needs of the ever-expanding cannabis industry. As the leading developer for many of the largest cannabis wholesalers and lab-testing businesses in the world, we hope to have an even greater impact on the global cannabis supply chain as the market grows well into the next decade. Contact us to become involved.

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