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Cannabis producers have two customer groups. While you sell directly to dispensaries, ultimately your success is based on the popularity of your products as they sell to end users.

Your brands are the ones that customers come to know and love. Your packaging is what they look for in the shop or skim images for when shopping online. And today, modern customers look up everything online before they make a decision, which means your website design may matter as much as packaging, especially for online delivery and curbside pickup sales.

For cannabis supplier brands, your website is designed both to win orders from local dispensaries and to promote your brand to end-user customers. To do this, you’ll need attractive landing pages, descriptive strain details, and published lab results as part of your branded online experience.

What Cannabis Customers (and Dispensaries) Want from Your Website

Today, cannabis customers are conscientious shoppers. Often purchased for medical reasons (even from recreational sales), customers are usually looking for a specific experience, strength, and side effects. Many people know the percentage they are most comfortable with, and the balance of Indica to Sativa or THC to CBD they prefer. 

Customers will seek out your website to find out this essential information, and dispensaries will appreciate the details because it equips budtenders to answer questions about strains and products on the fly, as well as enabling more confident online sales.

Software, like MaxQ Cannabis, can help ensure that your website has accurate, detailed information. This tool stores the master data which you can use to fill in the information on your website without additional data entry. 

Detailed Experience Descriptions

Most are looking for details on the type of high for their personal uses. Some need a hungry or sleepy high to aid everyday function. Some want to avoid munchies but love a good body high. Some need an energetic, inspiring high to do artistic work, some need a mild relaxing high to ease anxiety during the day. Many need specific medical effects like pain relief or muscle relaxation. 

For every product you offer, a detailed description (even better, a clear bullet-list) of effects is exactly what customers are looking for and why they do online research before buying in the first place. 

Strength and Percentages

Everyone has their own cannabis tolerance and strength requirements. While many people are chasing the highest-strength strains, it’s also common to know your level. Cloud-chasers will appreciate being able to quickly identify and choose from your strongest products. Those looking to maintain their ideal level (a growing population of patients and professionals) will appreciate being able to choose from products based on the strength they prefer.

Be sure to include percentages of THC, CBD, Indica, and Sativa. Not only do most jurisdictions require it, but this four-point sliding scale may also be the at-a-glance deciding factor for many online cannabis shoppers. Many also prefer a highly detailed list and percentages of every cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid as well, and providing this is seen as going above and beyond in product details for customer benefit. When this information is stored in your cannabis management system, it makes it easy to fill in the data on the website. 

Heritage and History

Heritage and history are important to people (and dispensaries) that are familiar with the parent strains. It often gives experienced cannabis users an insight into exactly what to expect. For example, they may know that they may always like a GSC child-strain, or that Diesels are jittery for them. The history adds a dash of interest, a story behind every plant you grow.

Published Lab Results

Finally, your last batch of lab results is the absolute confirmation that your products are not just good, but also exactly what you say they are. Many customers are careful, watching out for inflated percentage claims and wary of news reports about off-license cannabis risks. Your test results prove the strength, content, and legitimacy of your products for both dispensaries and the most careful cannabis customers.

Cannabis Web Design to Increase Individual Sales

Your web design should include:

  • A Stylized Landing Page for Every Product & Strain
  • Professional Product Photos
  • THC/CBD Percentage – Precise or Range
  • Strain Heritage and Cannabinoid Content
  • Detailed Experience Descriptions
  • Published Lab Results

What your end-user customers want to see, your dispensary clients want to see as well. Customers love to be informed, especially when they shop for cannabis, and dispensaries sell more when their customers can browse the facts most interesting to them through a dynamic and attractive website. Some will link to your website, and some will “scrape” a few salient details for their product pages (often both). Likewise, customers trying to shop smart will search for individual strains and products, find your pages, and be delighted to find so much well-organized information.

Design your website page structure, detail, and visual design not just for B2B dispensary sales, but also as a guided, attractive experience for your final customers, the end users. 

For information and website features offered exclusively for your B2B partners, a separate easily found section of the website can be designed. Here, you can provide more business-like content like bulk-order information, delivery schedules, and your supplier product range.

B2B cannabis businesses today need more than B2B website design. With so many end users looking for extreme details on cannabis before they buy, you are in the best possible position to provide that information. After all, you are the authority on the excellent cannabis products you produce. Boost your product sales through dispensaries by ensuring there is an attractive, detailed, and navigable database of products to explore on your website.

MaxQ Cannabis can help make the process more efficient. By providing the master data to easily pull the information from, it ensures you have consistent information with minimal data entry. Contact us today for more insights on cannabis technology and industry tools.

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