How the Multi-Billion Dollar Pet Industry Brands Mastered the Subscription Marketplace

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With more people working from home these days, statistics share the pet industry is set to reach the $99 billion mark. This includes everything from the sales of animal foods to toys and veterinary care. These animal-friendly vendors have also successfully made the transition over to the online subscription marketplace with remarkable results. Let’s take a look at some interesting and inspirational ways these brands are barking up the right tree and reaping financial rewards as a result.

The Bark Box Brand (and others) Delivering to Dog Owners

The business model of regularly delivering boxes of toys and treats to the doorstep of pet owners has been a smashing success for providers like Bark Box. However, this howling good idea is available from many other providers. According to recent reviews from pet experts and their owners, while Bark Box was chosen as the best overall vendor (for the delivery of two toys, two treats, and a chew monthly), others making the list for loyal customers include: 

  • Pooch Perks got high marks for being the most budget-friendly choice of these providers
  • Box Dog offers their canine customers more customizable options for their containers
  • Pet Treater Dog Box received accolades for the best toys
  • Bullymake offers to replace a chewed up toy if given photographic evidence of its destruction before its time was due
  • Dapper Dog Box delivers outfits and accessories to make sure your pooch looks picture perfect
  • Rescue Box donates a portion of its proceeds to feed shelter pets in need
  • Bark Bright sends out oral hygiene products to keep your canine’s chompers healthy 
  • The Farmer’s Dog uses a questionnaire to determine the best diet and food for your furry four-legged friend

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Be sure to check with a veterinarian before making any choices or changes to diet, medications, and exercise regimes for pets. Although these companies are reputable and reliable, it’s impossible for them to know everything about your animal’s conditions and circumstances even with a questionnaire.

Chewy Scores With Superior Customer Service and Charitable Causes

When it comes to caring for animals and their owners, Chewy has gone above and beyond when it comes to charity work, donations, and stellar customer service. According to figures from their website, this caring company has donated millions upon millions of meals, pounds of food, and pet supplies to all fifty states. When it comes to customer service, their team of representatives has touched the hearts of many animal owners. 

There have been many examples of how Chewy reached out to their customers to offer them superior customer service when they needed it the most. As an example, take the case of one of their regular customers, Sheree who lost two of her best four-legged friends within just days of each other’s passing. During this time of grief, she neglected to cancel her subscription of regular food delivery for her pets from Chewy. 

Caring and Sharing During Difficult Times

When her pet food arrived, Sheree reached out with an online chat with one of the company’s representatives with astonishing results. While she only wished to return the unopened products not expecting a refund, Sheree got an unexpected response. Rather than asking for the food to be sent back, the agent gave her heartfelt condolences, compassion, understanding, and asked if she would consider donating the food to a local animal shelter instead. Sheree was surprised when she was given a full refund for her purchase, but the story doesn’t stop there. 

Just a few days later, Sheree got an unexpected delivery from the representative named Ashley and the staff from Chewy with a bouquet of fresh flowers on her doorstep. The accompanying card read:

With the deepest sympathy on the loss of your little ones. We’ll always be here through the sad times and to remember the good memories your furbabies left on your heart. Love Ashley and the Chewy Family.

This was just one example of how Chewy and their staff made a lasting and loving relationship with their subscription consumers. Giving this type of invaluable customer service and support along with having a subscription model in place is how these pet providers have been able to succeed both today and tomorrow.

Customer service and subscriptions aren’t limited to the pet industry. In fact, the applications for subscription models are endless, working for almost any industry. What matters is offering products or services with quality and value that your customers can’t find anywhere else.  

Here at MaxQ Technologies, we’re also animal lovers and your success is also our success. Contact us today for help towards getting more loyal clients and increased profitability similar to these caring pet supply providers. 

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