Non-Stock Kits in Acumatica

I have repeatedly been asked if MaxQ had a product that could help get shippers created for kit items that were not in stock.  While we are about to release an Auto-Kit module (more on this later), most of the requirements can be handled by what appears to be a little known feature already in Acumatica’s Inventory Module, Non-Stock Kits.

Taken from the Acumatica help:

“When a non-stock kit is listed on a sales order as a line item, its stock components are specified on a pick list and shipped to the customer. Upon shipment confirmation, the quantity of stock components is decreased while the quantities of non-stock components and kits are not tracked in any way.

Only the standard cost valuation method may be assigned to non-stock kits.

On the sale of a non-stock kit with stock components, the system generates an inventory issue and debits the COGS accounts of the stock components (by their costs). On the sale of a non-stock kit with only non-stock components, no inventory issue is generated.”

Create Non-Stock Kit Inventory ID
Create a non-stock inventory item to be the parent part


Create Kit Specifications
Enter the kit specifications non-stock-items-2Note: The was a fix in release 5.3.249 properly displayed the Non-stock check box

Enter a Sales Order
Create a sales order for the non-stock kit. Enter a sales order that has the non-stocking kit inventory ID on it


Component Inventory Check
Try to create shipment


An error will be raised if a component does not have sufficient availability



Receive Component Inventory
Create shipment when component inventory is available


After the component is received into inventory, a shipment can now be generated
Notice Components Show on Pick List



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