Power BI Illustrates the Path of Progression Through Microsoft Office On the Go

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In a world fueled by growth and progression, efficiency has been on the front lines of booming businesses for the past several years. When speed and efficiency count, PowerBI’s ability to display eye-catching visuals within Microsoft Office keeps you on track for what matters — the success of your company.

What’s new? With the January release of PowerBI mobile updates, the program becomes more user-friendly with not only Windows 10 users, but iOS users as well.

In a world where lugging around that heavy laptop for work outside the office becomes more obsolete due to the payload of advancing tablets, PowerBI’s decision to also advance their program’s tablet payload has been a well-received revision.

According to a recent WinBeta article, some of the iOS updates include things such as:

Real-time data support

No longer will the program need constant refreshing. It will do it on its own automatically so you can keep your focus wherever else it’s needed, and the updates are sent directly to your mobile device!

Offline Indicators

Rather than wondering why nothing is coming through to your mobile device only to discover you’ve lost connection, you will now receive a notification when the connection has been lost.

Indefinite access to cached data

Cached data will always be at the ready whenever you need to access it while offline.

Along with several others.

The PowerBI team has made great strides towards mobility, making their program more tablet friendly within the Windows 10 and iOS community. With stunning visuals and to-the-point data displays, this program is sure to propel any booming company in a positive direction. For more information, contact us.

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