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Power BI

If you have used Power BI, you have experienced the vibrant new avenue to streamlining data and finding opportunities to improve business daily. If you have not used Power BI to its fullest potential yet, or you are experiencing questions regarding the platform, MaxQ Technologies, Inc. specializes in finding solutions to your questions. We are here to provide support so your business can perform to its maximum capacity, so we have researched your Power BI questions to provide you with more insight into utilizing this product to its utmost ability.

How do Power BI and Power BI Pro differ?

As you have probably learned, Power BI is a new product that allows you to more easily and vividly organize your company’s data so you can visualize the trends and business tactics as they work. It provides a whole new level of organization so you can push business to a new plane of success. If you have heard of Power BI Pro, you may be wondering what this investment can do for your business that Power BI cannot. Power BI Pro also provides these vital new features while also offering more storage space (10GB instead of 1GB), live data control, hourly data updates instead of daily updates, and team collaboration using Office 365 Groups. These properties allow you to more easily interact with your data finds to grasp more control over the direction of your business. Find more differences between the two here.

Will Power BI work on my phone?

If you are trying to keep up to date with the latest changes in data, you may be wondering if Power BI is compatible with your mobile device. Power BI does have apps supported by Android, iOS, and Windows phones downloadable for free so you can more easily monitor business trends on the go.

What information do I need to install Power BI?

The free version of Power BI is available for use with just your Web browser and work email address. For more control over data visuals and report creation, you will need to download the Power BI Desktop– which is also free.

What data sources does Power BI connect to?

Data sources that work with Power BI are nearly endless. You can collaborate with data sources from Excel and other Microsoft platforms, Salesforce and similar service providers, Azure SQL Database, SQL Server Analysis Services, Office 365 groups, and some SSAS data sources depending on inherited privileges, in addition to many more. Keep in mind that access to some of these data sources is limited to Power BI Pro.

For more answers to your questions concerning using Power BI, contact us. We will find a solution to whatever your business data collection question may be.

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