Signs Your Business Should Switch to Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing isn’t just for people on the cutting edge of technology anymore.  These days, many businesses are opting to switch to cloud computing.  In general, they’re finding that it’s a more efficient way of doing business.  Still on the fence about whether or not cloud computing is right for you?  Check out these signs that it’s time to make the switch for your business. 

Your Employees Work from Multiple Locations

Do you have more than one location for your business?  How is information shared across those locations?  If files are regularly emailed back and forth or your employees often have to contact the other location for vital information, you’re losing time and money.  Cloud computing, on the other hand, can make all the information at either location available to everyone who needs it, which means that you’ll be able to cut down on the time spent actively seeking out information.  This will save time and effort on both ends, leading to a smoother, more streamlined ability to share information.

What about mobile employees–that is, those who are on the road, but who still need to access files from the office in order to conduct business effectively?  Not only does cloud computing provide employees with access to all of those files, even the ones that they might have forgotten to add to their laptops or mobile devices before heading away from the office, it permits them to access updates as soon as they’ve been saved to the cloud.  This means that changes in documents can be shared quickly and easily no matter where your employees might be.  Have multiple employees working on or with the same document?  Cloud computing makes it easy for all of them to access the latest version.

You’re Experienced an Increased Need for Security

Is maintaining security within your data infrastructure one of the most difficult challenges for your IT team?  If so, cloud computing might be the ideal solution.  The cloud computing system is set up from the beginning with all of your security considerations in place.  Once you’re ready to implement the cloud solution, all you have to do is move the data over.  It’s already protected with all the security you need that was designed by security experts to ensure compliance in your industry.

Your Business is Experiencing Rapid Growth

Your technology has to be able to keep up with the growth of your business–including your storage space.  When your business experiences rapid growth, it can be difficult to adequately manage the growth of your technology, as well.  Cloud computing, on the other hand, can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of your growing business.  It’s easy to add in virtual machines or virtual storage space as needed.  Experiencing a downturn in business or downsizing your technological needs?  Cloud computing will allow you to easily adjust your technology without having unused equipment sitting around.

It’s Been a Long Time Since You Last Updated Your Technology

Often, your IT department is one of the most-ignored parts of your business.  As long as everything is going smoothly, you don’t want to put more money or effort into your technology needs than is absolutely necessary.  Unfortunately, problems tend to crop up when you least expect them–and in many cases, those problems can cause huge expenses when the time comes.  Consider the time lost if your system goes down or can no longer support the demands of your business.  Think about what could happen in the event of data loss.  Now, ask yourself when the last time you updated your technology was.

If you don’t have a good answer to that question, cloud computing might be the best possible option for your business.  You’ll be able to easily update and modify your technology needs without overspending in an effort to make up for past mistakes.  Even better, cloud technology is often very cost-effective, making it the perfect choice for your business.

Your Software is Often Out-of-Date

Updating software in your company sounds like more trouble than it’s worth.  After all, your existing software is working just fine; and training end users to use new technology can be extremely difficult.  Unfortunately, while you’re clinging to outdated technology, your competitors are moving forward with the latest advances, giving them advantages that you didn’t even know they could gain.

Through cloud technology, you’ll be able to quickly roll out software updates and keep on the latest edge of available software.  Not only that, the shared resources utilized through cloud technology will cut down on your software costs.  That means that updating will be easier than ever.

Your Business is Unprepared for the Possibility of Data Loss

Virtual data is often the driving force behind many of today’s companies.  Customer information, sales data, and other information specific to your company need to be available to all of your employees at the flip of a switch or the touch of a button.  What happens, however, if that data is lost?  What if your servers stop working, the computers on which specific information is stored crash, or a power blackout causes your information to be inaccessible?

Through cloud computing, your information is always available.  It’s backed up automatically, so you never have to worry about important data loss.  Not only that, it’s always accessible.  Even if your power is out, employees at another facility or on the road can continue to access relevant information.  Mobile devices will still be able to connect to the cloud, enabling your business to keep functioning.  Lost data means lost time, but cloud computing works to streamline the process and make it easier for your business to keep functioning.

Cloud computing is the answer to a variety of potential technology problems for your business.  While it won’t magically solve all of your problems, it will enable you to streamline operations, reduce cost, and increase the time that your employees are able to spend conducting business instead of searching for data.  If you’re looking for a firm that will provide a quality cloud computing experience, contact us for more information.

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