Cloud Computing Soon Used by The Pentagon: Why Do Companies Hold Off on Technology?

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Cloud computing is a technology that’s virtually revolutionized the storage of data and in how businesses potentially operate. But even the largest corporations hold off on technology that’s seemingly mainstream. The cloud is one piece of technology where even a few major government organizations have sat on the fence. The Pentagon is one surprising government source that’s shied away from the cloud as a major part of their data management.

This is about to change with reports The Pentagon will soon start using the cloud on a wider basis, even if there’s still worries about secure implementation. What’s kept major government organizations and even some corporations from using the cloud to their benefit? Most of this comes in misconceptions, especially through the media that sometimes paints the cloud as not a safe place for sensitive documents.

All of this has to change with a new sense of education about what cloud computing does and how it’s used.

Setting the Record Straight on Using the Cloud

Fear seemed to permeate in the corporate atmosphere late this last year when Apple experienced hacks through their iCloud that leaked private celebrity photos. This led to unfounded fears about how safe the cloud really is without realizing how careful monitoring would have prevented it. No matter what kind of technology you use, it’s easily abused when not managed right. It’s been the same with TV for years where many criticize the device rather than the content.

In truth, the cloud is the safest data storage technology out there, as well as a major cost-saver. The Pentagon is moving to the cloud for the same reasons, as well as realizing the efficiency it brings. Corporations locating a cloud provider with excellent management find out how much the cloud is a lifesaver when budgets need tightening and when disasters strike.

The cloud saves you money because it eliminates the extreme expense of running your own server. Then, when an unexpected disaster strikes, all your corporate data is still accessible in another location with an Internet connection.

In time, it’s going to serve The Pentagon well. It also can serve your corporation well through our own cloud solution here at MaxQ Technologies, Inc.

Contact us to find out more about cloud computing and why it isn’t necessary to ever have ambivalence about the cloud’s ability to make corporate life more efficient.

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