3 Effective Tactics That Convert New Visitors Into Subscribers

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SaaS providers aren’t just selling a product, they’re providing a solution that benefits their customers and makes their lives easier. And customers don’t just randomly buy things; they do a large amount of research about a product or company before they ever decide to make a purchase.

So how can you convert this new breed of research savvy visitors into subscribers that leads to sells? By using these 3 effective tactics below.

Add Testimonials

Testimonials help visitors do their research. Many customers, especially in the B2B industry, want to learn how a product or service has benefited a similar company. Authentic testimonials are a kind of educated endorsement that showcases the benefits of your product or service without directly trying to sell anything.

As a result, new visitors become more interested in your product and further their research after reading how it benefited other users/companies. Furthermore, using testimonials or product reviews throughout your site will make your company seem more credible, leading to quicker sales or and more signups.

Limit Access

This may irritate some visitors but it’s a good tactic to make them subscribe. Limited access can be implemented in a number of ways from simple timers to content locking to software demos and free trials that only registered subscribers can access or see.

Quora is a great example of how limited access can effectively convert visitors into subscribers. After you’ve browsed a few threads and received answers to your questions, they block you from reading until you sign up and register. By limiting access to what they can do or see, you’ll compel them to subscribe and generate them as a lead.

Include CTAs

Providing information isn’t enough, you also need to compel new visitors to take some sort of action. Calls to action (CTAs) usually try to sell a product or service, but they can be used for anything including how-to guides, product demos, email newsletters, and interactive tools.

In fact, the most effective CTAs address a problem, further user education, and provide benefits for subscribing. For instance, you can use lead-gen CTAs that offer a free trial or demo alongside lower commitment CTAs to subscribe to a newsletter.

Once a visitor clicks to your site, you want to ensure you don’t lose them. You can automate CTAs to appear on the screen the moment they arrive to your website or you can have one pop-up if they decide to leave.

To learn about these tactics in depth and start converting more visitors into subscriptions today, contact us.

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