Statistics Show SAAS Will Stay Popular, and Help Companies Focus on Other Priorities

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SAAS (or Software as a Service) has been an offering from the cloud for over a decade now, and that’s an eternity in the world of technology. During that time, offering software through the cloud has grown as much as the cloud and the Internet has. Since they go together in order to make SAAS possible, you can see why statistics show that an SAAS solution in companies is here to stay.  

Most recently, TechRadar showed stats proving that SAAS is here to stay and not easily replaceable. They cited a study conducted by Gartner showing that 72% of executives polled use SAAS with intention of expanding on usage. Half of those execs now invest in SAAS as part of their operating budgets.

That’s a true sign of how well this technology is working for corporations around the world. It’s not hard to see why when you consider the cloud delivers so much in any location (with Internet connection) for much less of a cost. Your costs are already down because you use your existing Internet line for access.

Of course, you have so much more that corporations are already looking forward to. Much of this centers on focusing on other priorities away from worry of IT issues and upgrades.

SAAS Works Behind the Scenes for You

When you have a reliable SAAS provider that manages everything around the clock, you have fewer worries in running your company. The greatest thing is the automatic updates and upgrades without having to do anything yourself. You already eliminate licensing fees not dealing with physical software, plus the time taken to load it on every computer, plus maintenance.

This is all done for you quietly and remotely. This leaves you and your staff time to pursue other important parts of building your company that hadn’t been available in the past. IT issues have always been a problem in companies while frequently usurping more time than they should.

Contact us to find out more about how SAAS works, how much money you’ll save, and why more time is as important as ever in getting ahead of your competition.

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