Cloud Computing and a Divide with IT Leaders: The Influx of Cloud Use in Corporations

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An interesting debate has been brewing in the last couple of years regarding cloud computing and why some companies held off using it for far too long. Forbes published a recent article that talked about the divide between business leaders and IT executives about whether the cloud is worth using in a company. This chasm was that IT execs saw the cloud as not being secure enough at one time, with the business leaders taking the advice to heart.

However, things are changing now, especially with IT executives finally realizing it’s all in how you use the cloud rather than security being the overall problem. While it’s true that security and encryption methods have improved recently for the cloud, perhaps there was some misconceptions going on initially. Business leaders are finally realizing that with proper monitoring, the cloud is always the best choice for storing company data over any other option.

These business leaders are seeing the light on this, regardless of IT executive opinion. The above Forbes piece notes how business executives are acquiring the cloud on their own terms without consulting the IT techs first.

Reasons for this are likely due to two major things: The threat of disasters, and living in a more competitive business world.

The Cloud Helps Survive Disasters, and in Competition

In your own company, you’ve likely been reading more than a few articles about disasters within companies at the hands of hackers, or nature. Far too many companies are shutting down or lose millions of dollars as a result of these increasing dangers. With better IT management in using the cloud, data is never lost, plus brings a better mobility to any company.

Companies know how many threats are out there now, especially after the recent Sony Pictures hacks and how it shut down access to their database. With the cloud and proper monitoring, data is instantly retrievable in another location with Internet connection.

In the sense of mobility, staying connected with all employees and departments is essential in a more competitive corporate world. You want that project you’re working on done several days earlier so you get ahead of the herd. The cloud provides connectivity so everyone stays on the same page on a project, no matter where they are in the world.

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