Advanced Cash Application

Advanced Cash Application

Streamline the payment application process needed to apply and post cash in the Accounts Receivable module of Microsoft Dynamics SL. Advanced Cash Application eliminates the cumbersome steps needed to apply and post cash in the Microsoft Dynamics SL Account, streamlining and simplifying the payment application process.

Features and Functionality of Advanced Cash Application

  • Seamless integration to Microsoft Dynamics SL
  • One screen for all cash application processes
  • User defined payment deduction types
  • Set deduction limits by user or group
  • Apply credit memos in Order Management
  • Add a single payment across multiple AR customers
  • Multiple write offs against a single invoice
  • Write off any amount with expense links to Project Controller
  • Write off over/under payments concurrently when applying payments
  • Perform charge backs with automated adjustments and invoice closure
  • Check level deductions – deductions not tied to a specific invoice
  • Post unapplied credit memos alongside payment application
  • Generate reports with detailed cash application activity
  • Non-receivable cash processing
  • Check level deductions across customer
  • Use of the Microsoft Dynamics SL Object Model, for users not having Transaction Import

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