MaxQ Technologies’ 2015 Cloud Computing Predictions: Enterprise Adoption Soars

MaxQ Technologies’ 2015 Cloud Computing Predictions: Enterprise Adoption Soars


Cloud Computing

Enterprises are moving beyond cloud computing for cost reduction alone, looking to build strong relationships with customers and grow sales faster than before. 

These and other insights are from a recent Forbes article, KPMG’s 2014 Cloud Computing Survey: Enterprises Quickly Moving Beyond Cost Reduction To Customer-Driven Results . KPMG interviewed 500 C-level executives from enterprises with $100 million and $20+B representing more than a dozen industries.

Combining the KPMG survey’s insights and our experiences providing enterprises with secure, scalable cloud-based solutions serve as the foundation for our 2015 cloud computing predictions provided below:

  • Cloud-based ERP (like Acumatica ERP) adoption will be fastest in manufacturing followed by service industries.  Analyst firms who work with large-scale enterprises who have significant investments in on-premise software are quick to downplay the fast adoption of cloud-based ERP system.  In fact what many of these analyst firms is too conservative.  Cloud-based ERP systems will continue to accelerate in 2015.  For an analysis of how this will happen, please read the Forbes article Why Cloud ERP Adoption Is Faster Than Gartner Predicts.
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) will dominate enterprise adoption and spending through 2015.  The KPMG survey found that analytics was a key factor in 35% of enterprises adopting cloud computing in 2014.  This will accelerate in 2015 as enterprises seek to gain greater insights into their operations.
  • As enterprises place a high priority on supporting sales, service, quality management and supply chain teams in the field, adoption of cloud-based enterprise mobile platforms will accelerate in 2015. Orchestrating mobility across an enterprise requires a scalable, secure cloud platform. Supporting cloud-based accounting, analytics, business intelligence (BI), CRM and ERP systems on mobile devices will become commonplace as well.
  • Cloud-based applications are going to be major contributors to improving service automation (72%) according to the KPMG study. Enterprises are going to invest in cloud adoption to better drive customer satisfaction and service as a result.

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