Cloud Computing A Key Factor In Gartner’s Top 10 Strategy Technology Trends For 2015 – Part 2

Cloud Computing A Key Factor In Gartner’s Top 10 Strategy Technology Trends For 2015 – Part 2


Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, Gartner announced its top ten strategy technology trends expected to impact organizations including the use of cloud computing. As these trends were cited, it was noted that immediate action may not be necessary in every area. However, organizational response to these major trends is recommended over the next two years.

Here are the additional trends that Gartner identified on its top ten list:

Software-defined applications and infrastructure – Organizations will increasingly find that digital business can work only in the presence of agile programming. Everything from basic infrastructure to applications must be served by adaptable, flexible programming.

Internet of things – As everything is digitized, data services and data streams will be increasingly combined by using four basic models that allow organizations to manage, monetize, operate and extend. Cloud computing will inevitably play an instrumental role in this process.

Advanced, pervasive and invisible analytics – As data volume rapidly increases in embedded systems, analytics will becomes ever more important. The focus will increasingly shift from dealing with the vast amounts of data to focusing on the answers that can emerge.

Context-rich systems – As widespread analytics combine with embedded intelligence in more environments, systems will emerge that are both alert and responsive to their surroundings.

Risk-based security/self-protection – As Gartner puts it, every path to the digital future passes through the all-important issue of security. At the same time, security concerns cannot be allowed to paralyze progress. As enterprises realize that a completely secure environment is not always attainable, they will embrace more advanced risk assessment techniques and employ more sophisticated mitigation tools.

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