Top Five Benefits Of Using Subscription Software

Top Five Benefits Of Using Subscription Software

Subscription Software

Do you sell subscriptions? If yes, you should think about investing in an efficient tool to help you manage subscriptions and billing. Investing in quality subscription software will make managing your subscriptions a lot easier and help you save time so you can work on other important things. Here are the main benefits of relying on quality subscription software:

    • Automation means fewer billing errors. Relying on software to send out bills to your subscribers or to process authorized recurring payments significantly reduces the risks of charging the wrong amount. Fewer billing errors means your clients will be more likely to be satisfied with your services.
    • Relying on software to process new subscriptions and collect payments will help you save a lot of time. You can use this time to focus on other tasks, such as finding more subscribers or creating quality content for your existing subscribers.
    • Automated billing means your clients will receive a bill or payments will be automatically processed on a fixed date. Your clients will know when to expect their bill or when the money will be automatically taken from their bank account or credit card. A fixed payment schedule should increase your collection rate. You can also rely on software to send out automated reminders to your subscribers about payments.
    • Processing payments with software eliminates the possibility of human errors. Once clients enter their payment information and authorize recurring payments, the risks of payment errors are almost non-existent. On the other hand, there is always the risk of entering the wrong banking or credit card information when processing payment information manually. These errors can result in additional fees for you, delayed payments and unhappy subscribers.
    • Subscription software will give you access to data on your subscriptions. You will be able to see how many subscribers you have, how many clients decided not to renew their subscriptions and how quickly your audience is growing. You can then use this data to make informed business decisions.

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MaxQ Technologies’ 2015 Cloud Computing Predictions: Enterprise Adoption Soars

MaxQ Technologies’ 2015 Cloud Computing Predictions: Enterprise Adoption Soars


Cloud Computing

Enterprises are moving beyond cloud computing for cost reduction alone, looking to build strong relationships with customers and grow sales faster than before. 

These and other insights are from a recent Forbes article, KPMG’s 2014 Cloud Computing Survey: Enterprises Quickly Moving Beyond Cost Reduction To Customer-Driven Results . KPMG interviewed 500 C-level executives from enterprises with $100 million and $20+B representing more than a dozen industries.

Combining the KPMG survey’s insights and our experiences providing enterprises with secure, scalable cloud-based solutions serve as the foundation for our 2015 cloud computing predictions provided below:

  • Cloud-based ERP (like Acumatica ERP) adoption will be fastest in manufacturing followed by service industries.  Analyst firms who work with large-scale enterprises who have significant investments in on-premise software are quick to downplay the fast adoption of cloud-based ERP system.  In fact what many of these analyst firms is too conservative.  Cloud-based ERP systems will continue to accelerate in 2015.  For an analysis of how this will happen, please read the Forbes article Why Cloud ERP Adoption Is Faster Than Gartner Predicts.
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) will dominate enterprise adoption and spending through 2015.  The KPMG survey found that analytics was a key factor in 35% of enterprises adopting cloud computing in 2014.  This will accelerate in 2015 as enterprises seek to gain greater insights into their operations.
  • As enterprises place a high priority on supporting sales, service, quality management and supply chain teams in the field, adoption of cloud-based enterprise mobile platforms will accelerate in 2015. Orchestrating mobility across an enterprise requires a scalable, secure cloud platform. Supporting cloud-based accounting, analytics, business intelligence (BI), CRM and ERP systems on mobile devices will become commonplace as well.
  • Cloud-based applications are going to be major contributors to improving service automation (72%) according to the KPMG study. Enterprises are going to invest in cloud adoption to better drive customer satisfaction and service as a result.

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Subscription Software: Making It Deliver

Subscription Software: Making It Deliver


Subscription Software

Participating by subscription improves customer service on both sides of the desk. While this statement may seem somewhat self-absorbent, it is quite truthful. Using subscription software, the customer receives an experience enhancing their business or personal activity with a provider enterprise.

Merchant Delivery

Subscription services are present in a number of business models and product offerings over many industries. They are prevalent in these representative fields:

  • Software
  • Advertising
  • Communications
  • Equipment sales
  • Financial services
  • Real estate
  • Travel
  • Database/Knowledgebase Access
  • Education
  • Membership

Subscriptions are available within other industries and serve to enhance consumer enjoyment of reading, entertainment and health/fitness activities. Most subscriptions have low startup costs and reduce a customer reluctance to try, which is the lure that attracts participants.

Subscription Benefits

Consumer benefits make this model appealing to the masses. Because customer loyalty is important, it puts them in control as the merchant does everything possible to provide the best experience possible. The result is an organization’s focus to retain and grow their customers by providing ongoing positive and valuable experiences for their customers.

Pleasing the consumer is important as this means a better chance on an upselling that will result in higher billing and renewals. This will help an organization to build on success with retention instead of churn, which means a higher ROI on customer acquisition investment. Patterns of consistent recurring revenue mean an organization has more predictable and consistent business model.

How it Works

While up-front cost of acquiring each customer can be higher, but the cost of retaining and service each one you get is much lower. Recurring payments help an organization maintain predictable cash flow, improve billing accuracy and provide excellent customer service practices. Automation allows the process to be very efficient and easy to manage.

Once a subscription contract is active and initial payment received, the system does the rest. Your customer receives a customized statement/invoice dependably and the company experiences reduction of administrative costs.

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Cloud Computing A Key Factor In Gartner’s Top 10 Strategy Technology Trends For 2015 – Part 2

Cloud Computing A Key Factor In Gartner’s Top 10 Strategy Technology Trends For 2015 – Part 2


Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, Gartner announced its top ten strategy technology trends expected to impact organizations including the use of cloud computing. As these trends were cited, it was noted that immediate action may not be necessary in every area. However, organizational response to these major trends is recommended over the next two years.

Here are the additional trends that Gartner identified on its top ten list:

Software-defined applications and infrastructure – Organizations will increasingly find that digital business can work only in the presence of agile programming. Everything from basic infrastructure to applications must be served by adaptable, flexible programming.

Internet of things – As everything is digitized, data services and data streams will be increasingly combined by using four basic models that allow organizations to manage, monetize, operate and extend. Cloud computing will inevitably play an instrumental role in this process.

Advanced, pervasive and invisible analytics – As data volume rapidly increases in embedded systems, analytics will becomes ever more important. The focus will increasingly shift from dealing with the vast amounts of data to focusing on the answers that can emerge.

Context-rich systems – As widespread analytics combine with embedded intelligence in more environments, systems will emerge that are both alert and responsive to their surroundings.

Risk-based security/self-protection – As Gartner puts it, every path to the digital future passes through the all-important issue of security. At the same time, security concerns cannot be allowed to paralyze progress. As enterprises realize that a completely secure environment is not always attainable, they will embrace more advanced risk assessment techniques and employ more sophisticated mitigation tools.

At MaxQ Technologies, we keep an eye on the important global trends that invariably impact businesses everywhere.

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