Using SAAS Benefits Your Company When Your Employees Become More Mobile

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SAAS might sound like a cryptic acronym if you’ve never heard of it before. Or perhaps you have, though never knew exactly what it meant. It stands for “Software as a Service”, which essentially means offering software through the cloud for easier accessibility. It’s the easy access element that you’ll appreciate if your company recently started becoming a little more mobile. With so many employees using “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device), having quicker access to important tools becomes more important.

You may also be frustrated lately with the amount of time and money it takes to install and maintain software on each device. As your employees are go with more mobile devices, imagine installing and supporting your business software on dozens of different types of device for access out in the field. That alone will take time and money.

The last thing you want is for the above software to malfunction right in the middle of a transaction, or while working on a project in a remote location. For mobile employees, having the software crash or losing connectivity while away from any IT technicians means being stuck without any help and possible downtime for your employees. This could easily place a project or important transaction in jeopardy.

But when things are available through the cloud, access is easy anywhere without having to rely on software installed on a computer or mobile device. As long as you have an Internet line available, virtually any kind of data related to your business is available.

SAAS means easy availability of software through the cloud any time your employees need it. And the better news is someone else takes care of it for you.

Maintenance Done for You to Avoid Stress

The fear of maintaining software on multiple devices isn’t necessary with an SAAS solution. Here at MaxQ Technologies, Inc., we can provide the entire solution this includes updating the software so it’s never out of date, plus taking care of any technical issues.

In that regard, a SAAS solution and the cloud in general is excellent for scalability in all companies. In a time when attention needs to be on your  operations, you don’t need tech issues to distract you. Let us help take care of those issues while you rely on your software to work efficiently..

Contact us here at MaxQ Technologies, Inc. to find out more about our cloud and subscription software services. Let us help bring more software efficiency to your company as you send more employees out into the field to work in other locations.

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