The Best Things about Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing is becoming all the rage nowadays, but is it really worth your time?  I mean, with the recent cloud hackings, is it even safe?

These are questions that many businesses have when thinking of switching to cloud computing.  These services are usually just as safe as hosting your own servers inside of your buildings, if not safer.  Cloud infrastructure companies have a pretty big interest in keeping their data safe, since their entire business is modeled on having a safe place to store their customer’s data.  They use security best practices and security experts (hackers) are hired to try to break into their systems and fix the holes before someone who shouldn’t be there gets in.  These businesses have competitors, and they want to give you a reason to be their customer, not the competition.

It can also save you money in the long run.  I’m sure you’ve had to upgrade your servers before, and that probably cost enough money to make you at least shed a tear.  In most contracts, the costs of upgrading servers is usually included in the subscription cost, so you won’t have to shell out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to upgrade your own.  You also won’t have to pay for the staff needed to manage these servers, as these companies have their own staff ready to do the same, and you’re splitting the worker’s bill with many other companies, allowing them to split that worker’s cost across more companies than just you, with no pay decrease to the worker.

It can also save your business some time when upgrading.  You don’t need to even think of how to upgrade your servers, since these companies upgrade their own on their time, not yours.  They also backup and restore your data for you, so you don’t need to worry about that.  I’d still recommend you keep you own backup copy of your own data, just in case something really bad happens to the company.

So, with decreased cost, better disaster recovery, better security, and less mental bandwidth dedicated to your virtual bandwidth, cloud computing can help you save your money and your time.  You can contact us to learn a little more about cloud computing.

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