Practice What You Preach SLUG 2012 Conference

At the recent SLUG 2012 conference, I gave a session on optimizing performance with Dynamics SL Order Types and Process Manager. Recently, when doing some planning with one of our long time customers, the issue of performance can up. It seems that 10+ years of adding order steps to meet customer compliance issues and further process automation had taken its toll. When a large batch of EDI orders (1500-3000 at a time) arrived it would take many hours to process and at the same time slow down manual order entry, as Process Manager would be busy, forcing the process queue to back up (not a good thing!). So we needed to review the entire process and implement best practices again. Reducing the amount of work needed to be handled by Process Manager really works as advertised. We added a number of stored procedure order steps that would bypass the more resource intensive VB tools steps. As I stated in my session, stored procedure steps fire very quickly, VB tools take on average 3-5 seconds to launch. By using the stored procedure steps to skip the VB tools ones when not needed, coupled with some further optimizations, we were able to reduce the time to process an order to about 20% of the time it used to take. Amazed with this 5x improvement, the client did not think it worked at first and had to be convinced that it did. They improved their time to delivery by a whole day.

So, proof that you need to practice what you preach! Improve your workflow today!

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