Dynamics CRM 2011 Add-In for Outlook in Windows 8

When running the Configuration Wizard for MS Dynamics CRM for Outlook in my new Windows 8 environment, I was receiving the following error when clicking to test the connection to our organization’s CRM server.

Dynamics CRM

After clicking OK, I was prompted with another error, as seen below.

Dynamics CRM

I tried entering my credentials several times over, but the application continued to fail on the authentication.

In our case, the Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) is configured in CRM, so I knew that ADFS was the service doing the authentication. I poked around the event logs on the machine hosting that service, but I didn’t find anything of use.

A couple of Google searches later lead me determine that Windows Identity Foundation, which is required for a client to communicate with ADFS, had not been installed by the CRM Add-In installation, like it was in Windows 7.

Luckily, WIF is easy to install in Windows 8. To do so…

  1. Launch the Programs and Features window from the Control Panel.

On the left side of the window, click Turn Windows features on or off.


Last, check the box next to Windows Identity Foundation 3.5, and click OK.


Create in cell formatting in Excel – Sparklines

Make you spreadsheets look better. Just add in cell formatting. Insert>sparklines>Line. Select the data range (in this case D3:f3) and you have an in cell line chart. Just copy to rest of the cells. Repeat for in Cell column charts. Really makes you data look much better!





Add In Cell Column charts the same way!


Resulting in:


Recurring Billing & Revenue Recognition V11 Released

MaxQ Technologies has released Recurring Billing & Revenue Recognition V11. The major enhancements introduced in v11 include:

  • Contract Revenue
  • Consolidation of contracts with different billing frequencies
  • Copying contracts
  • Implementation of sortable guides for all inquiry screens
  • Automation for OM Revenue Recognition & Contract Generation
  • Ability to specify sales person and commission percent per distribution line
  • Ability to define and use custom objects for user defined billing schedules
  • Expansion of contract notes capability
  • Additional functionality for Forecast Data Builder
  • Integration with MaxQ Deposit Processing
  • Redesign of the module setup screen
  • Integration with MaxQ QVision
Download our Recurring Billing & Revenue Recognition V11 Release Notes PDF for details on each of these new enhancements as well as a list of issues resolved in this latest release.