Example: To View Report By URL

Example: To View Report By URL

SQL Server report server provides a shortcut to view report directly by browser with an URL. This way a report could be viewed by varied applications and end user does not have to login to report manager to get report run.

To generate the URL of a report, follows this pattern:

http://<report server url>?/<report folder>/<report name>&Parameter1=Value1&Parameter2=Value2&rs:command=render&rc:Parameters=false…

(See a detailed reference for “rs” and “rc” command http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms155391.aspx)


A trick for an OLAP report or the value of report parameters include a “&” character:

because the “&” character is reserved  in URL, so if any parameter or value contain “&” character, the browser will not explain it as a part of value, the report will not run or return wrong data. So we need to use javascript eacape function (when open a new window from the “Navidation” property of a report element):

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