ERP 2011 Small To Medium Sized Companies Can Set State for Growth

ERP in SME 2011: Setting the Stage for Growth

While Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was once looked upon as a business solution that was only for large enterprises, Aberdeen’s recent research has found that this in no longer the case. In a survey conducted between May and August 2011 with over 300 respondents in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), or organizations with less than $500 million in annual revenue, it was found that 77% of SMEs have already implemented an ERP solution. Indeed, for those SMEs that have not yet implemented ERP, the top reason that would justify the investment is explosive growth (46%). Additional reasons include regulatory compliance requirements (39%) and the availability of low cost options (39%). As the economy starts to recover, businesses are anticipating a period of growth. The potential to become a larger organization looms and SMEs have realized lower-cost ERP solutions are becoming an option that will help them realize their full potential. For the fourth year in a row, Aberdeen turns its eyes towards the tangible performance enhancements that SMEs are achieving through ERP deployment, as well as the capabilities that are having a major effect on the way that these organizations perform in relation to their larger peers.

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