Brush Up On Advanced Revenue Management

Advanced Revenue Management  is a collection of products that helps Microsoft Dynamics SL customers manage the challenges that come with repetitive billing and revenue cycles.

View this quick 5 minute video to quickly see how Advanced Revenue Management from MaxQ can help your customers and prospects.

Campaign Overview

This campaign provides you with web and newsletter content, an email template and a quick-hit video offer to include in your communications with customers or prospects. Advanced Revenue Management can be positioned to Microsoft Dynamics SL customers and prospects.

You can use the Video above to send to Microsoft Dynamics SL Prospects.  We’ve also created a version that is better suited to existing Microsoft Dynamics SL customers.

Create a landing page to showcase your video

You may wish to set up a form so you can capture lead information. To insert the prospect video into a web page use the following html information:

To insert the customer video into a web page use the following html information

The email and newsletter content is designed to direct customers or prospects to the landing page on your website which contains the video offer.  Many email marketing programs will enable you to see which of your recipients clicked on offers from your email communications.  A follow up call to those that visit gives you a reason to contact the recipient and create a dialogue which could lead to more opportunities.    If a customer or prospect wants a custom demo or more information, please contact us to set up a more detailed discovery call or demo.

If your prospect requires a custom demo of Advanced Revenue Management, please contact Sales.

Have questions on how to use these materials?  Contact Sales for assistance

Campaign Components (Instructions Included)

Advanced Revenue Management Video for Prospects

Advanced Revenue Management Email Copy

Advanced Revenue Management Newsletter Copy

Advanced Revenue Management Web Copy

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