Security is Top Priority for Distribution Software

Security is top priority for distribution software


Distribution Software

The retail business is one of the fastest evolving sectors in this economy. Retailers from mom-and-pop to mega-chains are leveraging the power of distribution software to streamline everything from sales order entry, to inventory planning and forecasting and warehouse management.

But with the rapid evolution of distribution software and the mobility that it facilitates comes with a price. At the latest National Retail Federation’s 10th Annual Conference and Expo in New York City, security was on the top of everyone’s lists.

According to Tech Page One, reporting on the NRF Expo that ended January 14th, “one retailer…uses MDM (mobile device management) applications to let workers locate inventory and ship it to customers.” Some warehouses have a BYOD policy in place with firewalls to protect company data, but that solution still leaves companies vulnerable.

While employee devices can be programmed to locate and track inventory and the status of a shipment, their capabilities are still limited. What about inventory planning and forecasting? How can you manage warehouse operations from a remote location, and simultaneously track sales orders and shipments from multiple remote locations?

While the obvious solution involves unique devices used only for warehouse operations, what software will be running on those devices? The most secure solution for the distribution industry is a robust, scalable software that works on the management level as well as the level of daily operations. When you invest in distribution software, you are investing in the most secure strategy on the market.

  • Sensitive company data stays “in-house”
  • Software allows only registered devices and users access to information
  • Warehouse managers have at-a-glance capabilities for inventory planning, forecasting and tracking
  • Automatic Data Collection integrates with your ERP for company-wide accountability

Our industry solutions for distribution software are loaded with functionality and flexibility so you can run your business and safeguard your investment. Contact us to get started today!

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