Contract Management

MaxQ’s contract management provides you all of the flexibility and features you need to manage you business model while providing what your customers want and demand.

Manage complete life cycle from start to finish. Track renewals, billing and revenue recognition forecasts. Support multiple subscriptions to a single customer.

Advanced Revenue Management from MaxQ gives you the flexibility and control you need to effectively manage contract life cycles with one single point of data entry. Streamlined contract management features enable quick and easy setup of customer billing cycles, revenue recognition cycles and renewal processes.


Choice of contract types

Term – Any period such as weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.

Perpetual (Bill until cancelled)

For any combination usage-based tangible and intangible items (hours, warranties, licenses, SAAS, Maintenance) items.

Trials, deposits, Pre-Bill, Post Bill, Bundles

Maintain Subscription Agreements

Upsell, Cross Sell, Add on, Rewrite, Renew Any Time

Flexible rules let you rewrite the contract and change virtually any aspect of the subscription agreement including customer.



Contract Pricing

Complex multi-tier pricing with support for pricing effectivity dates and promotions

Price lists can be assigned to customer, contract or even a specific contract line

Promotions with effective date pricing
Use unlimited combinations of one-time, recurring and usage-based pricing

Trial Periods

Easily setup trials of any duration and at any prices. Subscriptions can be set to automatically start billing at trial end or wait for an user acceptance event to take place.

Quick Contract

On board a new customer from one easy to use form

  • Create new customer
  • Create Address
  • Create customer payments types
  • Explode Bundles
  • Create contracts
  • Create Invoices

Web Service and XML Interfaces to make it easy to integrate to outside systems




Renewal Processing

Automatic and Manual renewals – set by contract


  • Trace renewals all the way to the original contract
  • Calculates renewal percentages
  • Non-renewal reason codes and statistics

Flexible Renewal Pricing

  • Contract Price
  • Renewal Price
  • Percent Change
  • Multi-element Changes
  • Renewal Terms