Business Solutions for Pharmaceuticals

Whether you are a supplier of synthetic, botanical or biological pharmaceutical products, stringent quality, traceability and other regulatory compliance requirements means that tight control and visibility to all aspects of your operations is essential to quality control and maximizing your profits in a dynamic global marketplace. Delivery of innovative products of consistent quality, as well as effective integration of new technologies are key to your continued success.

Industry Overview

MaxQ has solutions that can provide the tools and flexibility to help you to meet the industry’s challenges and capitalize on your opportunities.
Effective solutions for Pharmaceutical companies must address regulatory compliance and streamline associated processes. Extensive record keeping of procedures, processes and systems must be streamlined to improve efficiency and meeting compliance requirements. With comprehensive Track and Trace capabilities, our solutions for Pharmaceutical companies can ensure companies get products speedily to market that are manufactured under consistent processes, to the correct formula and specifications, in the correct environment, with the appropriate controls applied, delivered to the correct customers.
Our business solutions for Pharmaceutical have accreditation with both British Medicines Control Agency (MCA) and American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Product Scope

Our comprehensive solutions for Manufacturing Industries assist companies in managing the complete operation including:
Assets Register
Cash Book
Engineering Control Change
Factory Documentation
Inventory Families and Groupings
Inventory Forecasting
Factory Scheduling
Sales Order and Purchase Order Processing
Track and Trace