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business man writing supply chain management concept by flow from supplier to customer

7 Great Benefits of Vendor Managed Inventory

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  Vendor Managed Inventory Vendor Managed Inventory, or VMI, is a business relationship where a manufacturer or distribution business takes over management of inventory for a retail or wholesaler. Using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or other electronic methods for communication, the vendor of the product will manage orders and fulfillment for those further down the distribution

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business woman draws puzzle and supply chain and related words

7 Tips to Jumpstart Your Supply Chain Planning

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Supply Chain Planning   Do you enjoy managing your supply chain? Too many managers answer that question with a clear “no.” It’s true that supply chain management can be stressful, as keeping good flow of your in-and-out inventory can be the difference between turning a profit or taking a loss. But in reality, managers who

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businessman hand picks 3d pixel cloud network icon as concept

Debunked: The 6 Most Common Myths About Cloud Computing

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To the surprise of almost no one, cloud computing has arrived. In the past few years, storing data and running software in the cloud it went from a relatively new and unusual trend to a reality for some of the biggest software providers in the world. Companies from Microsoft (Office 365) to Adobe (Creative Cloud) now

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SaaS Tips: Five Ways to Reduce Churn

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SAASChurn is a dreaded word for SaaS managers. Simple put, churn is the rate at which your customers cancel their recurring SaaS subscriptions. However, effectively measuring and coming up with a strategy to reduce churn is not so simple. It involves a strategy that permeates the entire digital life cycle. From the moment a prospect becomes a

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Cloud Server on the Sky. Cloud Data Center Floating on the Small Cloud. Clear Blue Sky. Cloud Technology Theme.

Signs Your Business Should Switch to Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing isn’t just for people on the cutting edge of technology anymore.  These days, many businesses are opting to switch to cloud computing.  In general, they’re finding that it’s a more efficient way of doing business.  Still on the fence about whether or not cloud computing is right for you?  Check out these signs that

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business man hand shows 3d text supply chain and related words as concept

3 True Stories of Supply Chain Management Disasters (And How to Avoid Them)

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The fear of a supply chain disaster destroying years, even decades, of hard-earned company growth is enough to keep managers up at night — and for good reason: the smoking ruins of once-thriving companies have littered history, and fatal SCM mistakes have often been the culprit. But with disaster comes new opportunities and, perhaps most

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"Upon deployment, most of our staff found eProphet so easy to work with, that the solution is now used by the entire organization; from the Finance team and IT personnel to the line managers and project consultants. ROI has definitely covered our investment; we got it back in one year.”


Marty Kelly, CFO

( APTMetrics )

"MaxQ solutions has greatly improved our customer service and brought us to the forefront of our competitors technologically. The knowledge, expertise and professionalism of MaxQ's staff were an essential piece of the puzzle and in the success of this project."

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Joan Fleischman, Director IT

( Fairfield Processing Corp )

MaxQ Technologies has developed for us a remarkable client management software solution that we believe to be unique and cutting-edge. (Microsoft CRM Solution)

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Dr. M. Christine Kenty, Director of Research and Evaluation

( Support Center for Child Advocates )

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