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An Introduction to PowerBI

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An Introduction to PowerBI   In his TechRepublic article, “Microsoft Power BI Brings Big Data to the Little Guys,” Tony Bradley neatly describes Power BI :   “Power BI enables users to search data within their own network, or access data from public sources. Users can query in plain English and easily convert the results into interactive charts or maps

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Time For Transparency Message Shows Ethics And Fairness

Why a Proactively Transparent Supply Chain is Smart Business Practice

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While it’s true that governmental over-regulation stifles growth and often gives companies the feeling of being under siege, a proactive habit of transparency in the supply chain — initiated by the company, flowing out from within its culture — can be beneficial to both the consumer and the company’s bottom-line. MIT Supply Chain Researcher Analyzes

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The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Demand Planning

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It is no secret that demand planning is a process that many businesses go through to remain successful. It allows for the creation of forecasts that will help the business manage their inventory levels. This is beneficial because the business can then use this information to align their inventory levels along with the fluctuation of demand that

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Time For Change Means Different Strategy Or Vary

The Latest Supply Chain Planning Trends: A Round-Up of Recent Industry Changes

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Supply Chain Planning   Depending on who you ask, the global economy has hit a bottom, and it’s on the way up or it has already peaked and it’s on the way down. No matter which view you have of the macro-picture, one thing is certain in the finer details of supply chain planning: although

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Statistical Forecast for Better Demand Planning

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Using a statistical forecast as a starting point often proves to be a solid start to a collaborative Demand Planning process. First, why do companies forecast? There are several benefits of more accurate forecasts;   Improve customer service levels. Increased sales. Reduced cost of carrying inventory. Improved cash flow projections. Production smoothing (level loading). Reduced employee

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What Our Clients Say

"Upon deployment, most of our staff found eProphet so easy to work with, that the solution is now used by the entire organization; from the Finance team and IT personnel to the line managers and project consultants. ROI has definitely covered our investment; we got it back in one year.”


Marty Kelly, CFO

( APTMetrics )

"MaxQ solutions has greatly improved our customer service and brought us to the forefront of our competitors technologically. The knowledge, expertise and professionalism of MaxQ's staff were an essential piece of the puzzle and in the success of this project."

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Joan Fleischman, Director IT

( Fairfield Processing Corp )

MaxQ Technologies has developed for us a remarkable client management software solution that we believe to be unique and cutting-edge. (Microsoft CRM Solution)

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Dr. M. Christine Kenty, Director of Research and Evaluation

( Support Center for Child Advocates )

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