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Choosing the Right Subscription Software

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Offering subscription services to your customers has many advantages. Your business and your customers will benefit from these services. Setting up subscriptions is not as difficult as it may seem. It is simply a matter of finding the right subscription software to fit your needs. There are a few things to consider when deciding which

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Changing Acumatica Grid Column Headings at Runtime

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Changing Acumatica Grid Column Headings at Runtime Acumatica allows developers to dynamically change the headings of grid columns when the user changes the values of fields that are not in the grid. For this to work, there are three things that the developer must do.  First, the controls that the non-grid fields are bound to

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Demand Planning-Sensing and Shaping Forecast

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Demand Planning-Sensing and Shaping Forecast Demand planning requires a lot of coordination, and even the most coordinated of us has a difficult time keeping everything going smoothly constantly. Yet, that is what demand planning is designed to do for us and the best we can do is wring out the best information we have and create

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The Impact of Great Customer Service for SaaS Providers

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A great product is not enough in the SaaS industry. You need great customer service to follow suit. From the moment a visitor qualifies as a lead until long after a prospect subscribes, your company needs to ensure your providing a stellar customer experience. Failure to do so means your brand will lose out on one

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Cloud Computing Soon Used by The Pentagon: Why Do Companies Hold Off on Technology?

  Cloud computing is a technology that’s virtually revolutionized the storage of data and in how businesses potentially operate. But even the largest corporations hold off on technology that’s seemingly mainstream. The cloud is one piece of technology where even a few major government organizations have sat on the fence. The Pentagon is one surprising government

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Five Demand Planning Mistakes That Could Cost You Money

Investing in a good demand planning tool and using it to create accurate forecasts for your inventory is a great start. However, relying on an automated solution does not prevent you from making these common mistakes that could cost your business money. Some businesses make the mistake of using demand planning solely to make their distribution channels

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What Our Clients Say

"Upon deployment, most of our staff found eProphet so easy to work with, that the solution is now used by the entire organization; from the Finance team and IT personnel to the line managers and project consultants. ROI has definitely covered our investment; we got it back in one year.”


Marty Kelly, CFO

( APTMetrics )

"MaxQ solutions has greatly improved our customer service and brought us to the forefront of our competitors technologically. The knowledge, expertise and professionalism of MaxQ's staff were an essential piece of the puzzle and in the success of this project."

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Joan Fleischman, Director IT

( Fairfield Processing Corp )

MaxQ Technologies has developed for us a remarkable client management software solution that we believe to be unique and cutting-edge. (Microsoft CRM Solution)

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Dr. M. Christine Kenty, Director of Research and Evaluation

( Support Center for Child Advocates )

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